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Boys Will Be Boyz
Boys Will Be Boyz
Released   -   August 6 or July 25, 1991
Recorded   -   1991, studio in Queensland, Australia
Length   -   40:33
Label   -   Star Song
Producer(s)   -   Peter Furler, Tony Miceli
Previous Album   -  Hell Is For Wimps
Next Album   -  Not Ashamed

Boys Will Be Boyz is Newsboys third studio album, released in 1991. It would be their last album before Steve Taylor started producing Newsboys albums, and this would also be their last unsuccessful album. A video titled Boys Will Be Boyz was released in late 1991, and featured a few songs from this album.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Kingdom Man - 3:06
  2. You and Me - 3:15
  3. One Heart - 4:41
  4. Turn - 3:28
  5. Precious Love 5:45
  6. Taste and See - 3:02
  7. Not Stand Silent - 2:30
  8. Sing Aloud - 3:07
  9. Stay With Me - 5:19
  10. Israel - 2:52
  11. Taste and See (Remix) - 3:28

Radio Singles Edit

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