In the Hands of God
Inthehands cover
Released   -   May 5, 2009
Recorded   -   unknown
Length   -   37:30
Label   -   Inpop
Producer(s)   -   Peter Furler, Max Hsu, Jeff Frankenstein
Chart Positions   -  Top Christian Albums: #2

Billboard 200: #28

Previous Album   -  The Ultimate Collection
Next Album   -  Born Again

In the Hands of God is Newsboys' thirteenth studio album, released May 5, 2009. This is Peter Furler's last album performing lead vocals, as dc Talk singer Michael Tait will perform vocals during touring for the album. It debuted at #1 on the CCM Charts and #28 on the Billboard 200. It was publicized with their 2009-2010 The Way We Roll Tour.

Track Listing Edit

  1. The Way We Roll (3:27)
  2. No Grave (3:44)
  3. This Is Your Life (3:25)
  4. Glorious - (4:11)
  5. In the Hands of God - (4:18)
  6. The Upside - (3:18)
  7. My Friend Jesus - (2:50)
  8. Lead Me To the Cross - (4:08) (cover)
  9. Dance - (3:35)
  10. RSL 1984 - (4:34)

Singles Edit

  • The first single, In the Hands of God, peaked at #1 on the Christian Charts.
  • Another single released was a new version of Glorious, with Tait on lead vocals this time.


  • Newsboys drummer Duncan Phillips has said that In the Hands of God is his favorite Newsboys record.

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