Let It Go (album)
by Paul Colman
Released   -   March 1, 2005
Label   -   Inpop
Producer(s)   -   Ed Cash, Vince Emmett
Previous Album   -  One Voice, One Guitar
Next Album   -  History

Let It Go is former Newsboys guitarist Paul Colman's third solo album, and first since he left the Paul Colman Trio.

Track Listing Edit

  1. "Gloria (All God's Children)"
  2. "The One Thing"
  3. "Holding On To You"
  4. "Always (Forever)"
  5. "Sweet River"
  6. "I'm Coming Home"
  7. "Last Night In America"
  8. "I Owe It All"
  9. "Nothing Without You"
  10. "Symphony Of The Redeemer"
  11. "My Brother Jack" (live in New York City)

Radio Singles Edit

  • "Gloria (All God's Children)" — #17 Billboard Hot Christian Songs
  • "Holding On To You" — #16 Billboard Hot Christian Songs
  • "The One Thing" — #11 Billboard Hot Christian Songs

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