Paul Colman is a former guitarist for the Newsboys. Before the Newsboys, Paul was part of a group called the Paul Colman Trio. The group formed in the late 1998, but broke up in 2005, when Paul joined the Newsboys to replace leaving guitarist Bryan Olesen. During Paul's Newsboys career, he was doing a part time solo career until he quit the Newsboys in 2009 to pursue a full time job in a solo career.


with PC3Edit

  • Live in America (Official Bootleg), 1999
  • Serious Fun, 1999
  • Turn, 2000
  • pc3 - Live Acoustic, 2001
  • pc3 - Live Electric, 2001
  • pc3 - Live (USA version), 2001
  • New Map of the World, 2002
  • One, 2003


  • Life Is Where You Are EP (1997)
  • The Band Thing (1997)
  • One Voice, One Guitar(1998)
  • Official Bootleg (2000)
  • Let It Go (2005)
  • History (2009) (Best-of album)
  • If I Was Jesus EP (2009)

with NBEdit

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