Phil Yates was Newsboys second guitarist, joining in 1987. He joined as the successor of Newsboys' first guitarist, George Perdikis, who left. He co-wrote all the songs on the Read All About It album. He stayed until 1990. Since then, he has worked various guitar jobs, including:

  • Doing the photography for Ron Kenoly's album "He's Able" (1994)
  • Co-writing the song "Generation" with Andrew Ironside for his 1999 album "Intimate"
    • Also co-writing the song "My Soul" with Ironside for his 2004 album, "Intimate Vol. 2"
  • Playing electric guitar on Julie McAllan's 2005 album "Bring Me Home"

Yates also has released two solo instrumental guitar albums, "Midnight Guitar Moods" and "Romantic Guitar Moods", both released on January 5, 2001.

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