The Best of the Newsboys
Best of the Newsboys
Released   -   August 8, 2004
Recorded   -   N/A
Label   -   EMI CMG
Producer(s)   -   Steve Taylor, Peter Furler
Previous Album   -  Adoration: The Worship Album
Next Album   -  Devotion

The Best of the Newsboys is a minor and not very publicized Newsboys compilation, released in 2004. It was part of EMI CMG's "The Best of" series.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Shine-3:42 (From Going Public)
  2. Real Good Thing-2:53 (From Going Public)
  3. Let It Go-3:38 (From Take Me to Your Leader)
  4. Good Stuff-2:59 (From Love Liberty Disco)
  5. Beautiful Sound-3:46 (From Love Liberty Disco)
  6. I Cannot Get You Out of My System-3:18 (From Not Ashamed)
  7. Strong Love-4:02 (From Not Ashamed)
  8. Breakfast-3:40 (From Take Me to Your Leader)
  9. Fall On You-2:30 (From Love Liberty Disco)
  10. Always-5:01 (From Step Up to the Microphone)

Remarks Edit

  • The album features a strange track picking, including some of Newsboys' big hits such as Shine and Breakfast, but also including some of the lesser known songs like Strong Love and Fall On You.

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