Thrive: From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Thrive Live
Released   -   June 18, 2002
Length   -   3 hours, 15 minutes
Label   -   Sparrow Records
Previous Album   -  Shine: The Hits Live One Night In Pennsylvania
Next Video   -  Houston We Are GO Live

Thrive: From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is Newsboys' sixth live video, released on DVD in 2002. It was recorded in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and released through Sparrow Records. It includes all the songs from Thrive except John Woo and Cornelius, as well as several other songs from other albums.

  1. Giving It Over
  2. Live In Stereo
  3. Who?
  4. Rescue
  5. Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)
  6. It Is You
  7. Entertaining Angels
  8. Joy
  9. The Fad of the Land
  10. Take Me to Your Leader
  11. Thrive
  12. Shine
  13. Breakfast
  14. Lord (I Don't Know)


  • Ironically, Michael Tait guest-stars on The Fad of the Lad, completely unknown to anyone that he would replace Peter Furler as the lead vocalist in 2009.

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